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Bravo Capsule PH Monitoring

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The catheter-free Bravo pH Monitoring System is revolutionizing pH testing with a capsule that collects pH data and transmits it via radio frequency telemetry to a small external pager-sized receiver worn by the patient.

Benefits to Clinicians

• Easy to place following endoscopy — adding only minutes to the procedure

• Gathers 48 hours of pH data — providing the additional data needed for an accurate assessment

Patient Friendly

• Allows patients to maintain regular diet and activities

• Minimizes throat and nasal discomfort associated with conventional catheter-based pH systems

• Eliminates social embarrassment that accompanies traditional pH testing with no visible indication that pH test is taking place

48 Hours of pH Data

• Allows physicians to extend pH data collection to 48 hours — 24 hours beyond the recording capability of conventional catheter systems
• Detects more abnormalities than 24 hours alone providing the additional data needed for an accurate GERD assessment
• Increases number of recorded symptoms associated with reflux events significantly when recording time is extended beyond 24 hours
• Increases likelihood of documenting relationships between atypical symptoms and reflux events with 48-hour monitoring period, said a study published in The American Journal of Gastroenterology